Masala Club Restaurant, Balsall Common- a great place to eat out for NEC exhibitors!

 We're just few minutes drive away!

Dear Exhibitors;

The Masala Club is superbly located to offer a fine Indian cuisine to exibitors and visitors of the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) which is only a few miles away. Open seven days a week in the evenings and at lunchtimes by special arrangement, and look forward to welcoming you to the Masala Club in the very near future to enjoy the experience at the restaurant.


Relax in The Masala Club's contemporary ambience and allow the staff to welcome you and treat you to a delightful evening. The menu offers a mouth-watering selection of dishes including traditional Indian and Bengali specialities, and innovative dishes for the connoisseur, such as the starter chandu – silver promflet, a sweet water fish from bangladesh, marinated and cooked in a tandoori oven; and the spicy chot-boti – chicken or lamb cooked with garlic, lime juice, chana dhall and green chilli.

Regional speciality dishes include sunar bangla mach – fish from the Bay of Bengal, with fresh aubergine, tomatoes and green chilli, and kursi lamb, an extra special dish consisting of marinated lamb leg or chicken roasted in a tandoori oven then slow cooked with freshly-ground spices to bring out the most delicious and unique flavour.

There are also more well-known favourites available including korma, biryani and Madras dishes, and a great selection of vegetarian options, from baigon bhajee - aubergines with onion and tomatoes; to mottar paneer, with garden peas and Indian cheese.

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 Masala Club Restaurant, Balsall Common, CV7 7EG        Call: 01676 533 210