So what does the name 'masala' mean?

"We believe the hidden secret to quality flavoursome Indian dishes is the masala that it is cooked with, hence our restaurant is named after it." So what is masala? It is a complex combinations of freshly prepared spice mixes and proportionately blended for each dish using stone grinders. The fresh masala is then cooked in a carefully orchestrated sequence to give the best quality to our dishes. The masala is the foundation to all indian curries and it is what it gives it taste and flavour and makes indian cooking unique from other world cuisines."

The way of Masala Club

As oppose to buying ready-made mix powder spices, we import the specialist whole spices from India, Bangladesh and other parts of the World to maintain the quality and richness of its flavours.

The whole spices are dried in our kitchen and grinded and mixed by our chefs on demand to maintain the best quality and freshness of masala mix- similar to the way coffee beans are grinded on demand in coffee shops to give you a rich and fresh taste in your coffee.


 Above is a picture of the type of herbs and spices we use to produce our masala.

 Most of the  these mentioned spices produce great flavours for our curry but did you know that alot of them are considered as "SUPER FOOD" and are teeming with health benefits?


 The ingredient of our masala are as follows;








Cardamon (black & green)

Cumin Seed



Bay Leaves


Red Lentils

Chillie Pepper (red & green)

Star Anise

Mustard Seed

Fennel Seed

Dried Cloves

Peppercorn (black & white)



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